MINT User Guide

Analysis Tool of MEASURE Platform


The first step to start using Mint is add it into the MEASURE web application, allowing the tool to run embedded into MEASURE and retrieve the measurements data for the analysis.

Once the tool is running it can be registered into the Measure platform.

Now the tools are ready to be configured and used.



Access to the Mint tab of the project page configuration.

There is a table with the available EFSMs (Extended Finite State Machines) displaying name, description, category, role to which the recommendation is guided, status of the machine (Active or Inactive) and options.

The state of each of the machines can be changed, this determines if the analysis is performed and the corresponding recommendations are received.

The name, description and text of the recommendation can also be modified, as well as the threshold value (if applicable) as required.

These changes are only applied to the project where the modifications are being made and does not affect the rest.


The list of recommendations can be accessed from the Mint page within the project.

The recommendations are found in a table sorted by date, with the columns last updated, machine name, status of the recommendation (and number of recommendations made), category, role to which the recommendation is directed and recommendation text.

By clicking on any of the recommendations, a model is displayed with the details of each of the recommendations made: date and time, status and details.

The recommendations table can be ordered by any of its columns and the results can also be filtered by searching for some text.