Hawk Server provides easy and fast Indexing and Querying for several standards Models such as UML, BPMN and Archimate.

What it is ?

Hawk Server is an open-source scalable model indexing tool issued under the Eclipse Public License 2.0. It was developed at the Mondo research project for Model Driven Engineering (MDE) large complex systems. Hawk Server can take large models written with various technologies and turn them into indexed graph databases such as Neo4j, OrientDB and Greycat for easier and faster querying. Hawk accepts repositories from several technologies such as Ecore, BPMN, Modelio and UML2.


  • The Hawk Measurement Tool provides easy and fast Indexing and Querying solution dedicated to modeling tools.
  • Extract metrics from various modeling standards such as UML, BPMN and Archimate.
  • Allow to evaluate quality of Specification Models and Software Architecture.
  • Free model indexing tool with high performance and fast model querying capabilities.
  • Create multiple models instances and can be interrogated via REST web services, Java Client or Command Line Interface.
  • Perform temporal querying on SVN models repositories and extract historical data.

Modelio Modeling Tool

Even though Hawk is compatible with several modeling tools, we recommend the use of Modelio for your models.

Modelio is a open source powerfull modeling tool which supportĀ  many standards like UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, MDA, and SysML. the key features of Modelio are

  • Complete UML2, BPMN and EA modeling support
  • Ergonomic and familiar GUI (RCP/Eclipse-based)
  • Modeling wizards (intelligent drag&drop, smart element creation, complex element capture)
  • Smart element referencing mechanism (text completion, “direct click” referencing)
  • More than 280 real-time, customizable consistency checks
  • Extendable through “off the shelf” or bespoke modules
  • MDA support, from basic to expert (open metamodel access, rich Java API for customization, …)
  • Integrated scripting language (Jython) support, for online requests, small scripts and macro definition
  • Hyperlink support for easy diagram navigation