The Measure Platform

The Measure Platform allows you to collect, combine, visualize, analyze and share your metrics. Easy to deploy, quick to set up and designed to be easily extensible, with the Measure Platform, discover a new way to manage your data. Monitor your software development process, control the security of your network and analyze the quality of your source codes and software architecture.

Measuring Tools

Measurement Tools are extensions for the Measure Platform. They constitute a set of external tools which collect or calculate measurement from a specific source. In context of the project, 5 Measurements tools have been developed and a lot of existing tools in the market (such as SonarQube for code quality metrics) can be also considered as Measurement Tools.


Easy and fast Indexing and Querying for several standard Models such as UML, BPMN and ArchiMate.


Network monitoring solution based on Deep Packet Inspection.


Management system of MQTT clients that aims at being a Internet-of-Things platform dedicated to MQTT.


RIVER tests your software for common vulnerabilities with minimal human effort through advanced taint analysis.

Analysis Tools

Analysis Tools are extensions for the Measure Platform. They constitute a set of external services which work on the historical measures values in order to provide advanced and valuable analysis functions to the platform. In order to support a large set of analysis services and not to limit to it to specific technologies, the Analysis Tools are external processes. The analysis tool is integrated to the platform using a specific API. This integration includes embedded visualization provided by the analysis service into the platform.

Metric Suggester

Suggest relevant metrics to improve the measurement plan at runtime.

Quality Guard

Quality Guard provides continuously advance data analysis functionalities applied to your Measure Platform’s metrics.


Mint correlates your metrics and provides real time recommendations for DevOps teams.


M·ELKI is a set of web services that make possible to run clustering algorithms from projects hosted on the MEASURE Platform.


Stracker offers forecasting and prediction capabilities for software metrics, giving managers and engineers the possibility to better plan and estimate software development activities.