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Because quality for us is a must, we follow the industry’s best practices in software engineering methodologies, and adapt them to meet the specific needs of every client. In this perspective, we carry out a substantial research efforts to bring forth a set of innovative techniques and tools. The MEASURE platform is the result of an innovation research project called MEASURE supported by the ITEA-3 research programme.

Measure Platform

The MEASURE platform is a tool dedicated to measure, analyse, and visualise the metrics to extract and show information of the software engineering processes. It implements analytics algorithms, to correlate the different phases of software development and to perform the tracking of metrics and their value. The platform also connects and assures interoperability among the tools and defines actions for improvement and possible countermeasures.


Analysis Tools

Set of external services which work on the historical measures values in order to provide advanced and valuable analysis function to the platform.

Measurement Tools

External tools that collect or calculate measurements from a specific data source. Measurements Tools are delivered with set of associated Metrics and Monitoring Applications which make the link between the Platform and the Measurement Tool.

Data Sources

Measure and Business Application are small connectors deploy on the Measure Platform which allow to link the platform which external data sources.

The Right Solution for YOUR Businesss

Software Quality Assurance

Improve your software development processby supervising your applications artifacts to report bugs, incidents and vulnerabilities

Network Monitoring

Monitor security aspects,  performance  and operation troubleshooting of your  networks using Deep Packet Inspection technology

Software Architecture Quality

Used Model Driven Approch and  Modeling Tool  to increate the quality of the Architetures of your Softwares


Management system of MQTT clients that aims at being a Internet-of-Things platform dedicated to MQTT