Integrated Measure Platform

Collect, Combine, Visualize, Analyze and Share your metrics from all of your activities with One Open Source Tool

What it is ?

The Measure platform allows you to collect, combine, visualize, analyze and share your metrics. Easy to deploy, quick to set up and designed to be easily extensible, with the Measure Platform, discover a new way to manage your data. Monitor your software development process, control the security of your network or analyze the quality of your source codes and software architecture : the Measure Platform provide you an integrated open source solution to address all your requirements related to metrics extraction and data analysis. Discover our best suited solutions to address your business requirements.

The Measure Platform allow to :

  • Automatically measure software engineering processes during the whole software lifecycle by executing measures defined in SMM standard and extracted from a catalogue of formal and platform-independent measurements.

  • Provide methodologies and tools which allow measure tools provider to develop a catalogue of formal and platform-independent measure.

  • Implement storage solution dedicated to measurements resulting of measure execution in big data context.

  • Implement visualization tools to expose the extracted results in an easy-readable fashion, so allowing a quick understanding of the situation and the possible actions that can be taken to improve the diverse stages of the software lifecycle.

  • Implement an extension mechanism dedicated to the integration of external analysis tools will provide long terms analysis and predictive evaluations on collected measures.

  • Implement an Extended API allowing to facilitate the integration on Measure Platform with external tools and services.


Primary designed to address software development monitoring issues, the Measure Platform is delivered with a large set of connectors which allow to collect data from the most used software development tools and services like GitHub, SonarQube, Jenkins or Mantis. . By providing a easy way to integrate existing Data Analysis Tool, the Measure Platform is also the simplest way to extract business value from your data.

Discover the list of analysis tools currently integrated in the analysis platform.