Metric Suggester

Suggest relevant metrics to improve the measurement plan at runtime.

What it is ?

The Metrics Suggester tool is an external analysis tool which is integrated as a component to the Measure Platform through Rest APIs. It provides mechanisms for the advance data analysis functionalities apply to data produced by the continuous measurement applied by the platform. This tool train a classifier according to a defined measurement plan which described the executed metrics, the software properties observed by this metrics and the link between both latter. Then, it analyses the measurement data through a trained classifier to suggest a new measurement plan.


  • Reach an expert-independent analysis that suggest relevant metrics to improve the measurement plan at runtime.
  • Based on a measures model to evaluate the quality level of the measured software and determine which feature has a specific or remarkable activity.
  • Learning-aided analysis. SVM (Support Vector Machines) are used to raise the relevant measured features in use and then suggest metrics.
  • AI based measure analysis approach for dynamic and adaptative software measurements plans