Quality Guard

Provide continuously advance data analysis functionalities applied to your Measure Platform’s metrics

What it is ?

The Quality Guard analysis tool is an external extension which is integrated as a component to the Measure Platform through Rest APIs. It provides mechanisms for the advance data analysis functionalities apply to data produced by the continuous measurement applied by the platform.

The Quality Guard Analysis tool provides services for analysing the big data produced by the continuous measurement to enable continuous improvements of software engineering activities and artefacts. In this context, both the QA engineers and the project managers are involved in the quality assurance process of the entire software development activities and artefacts.

The QA engineers would like to define set of constraints and conditions based on measure thresholds to evaluate the data produced by the continuous measurement to ensure an overall product quality. On the other hand, the project manager hopes to be notified when a specific event is occurring on platform side, either by getting the incidents history of all constraints defined by the Quality Guard tool or by monitoring the state of each constraint periodically.


Nowadays, it’ extremely straightforward to define quality requirements based on your Measure Platform’s metrics, Control at runtime your metrics in relation to these requirements and Provide a business analysis data values for the different stakeholders.


Thanks to the Tool to fill the gap between the stakeholders within an organization.

  • As QA engineer, you aim to define quality approach based on your thresholds values.
  • As a manager, you would like to monitor your software quality requirements.