Structured Metrics Metamodel

The Structured Metrics Metamodel (SMM) specification defines a standard Metrics Metamodel. It is a publicly available specification from the Object Management Group (OMG). SMM specifies a metamodel for defining, representing and exchanging both measures and measurement information related to any structured information model, such as the OMG Meta Object Facility (MOF) standard, defining an XMI interchange format between metric extraction tools. It is used to maintain metrics by a number of other OMG specifications such as the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel and the Value Delivery Metamodel.

The Measure Platform support the SMM standard

To ensure compatibility with other measurement tools and to integratethe platroem into a global approach to managing metrics in companes , the metrics and other datasources supported by the Measure Platform respects the Structured Metrics Metamodel Specification Version 1.2.

We contribute to the standard

In context of the developement of the Measure Platform, Softeam  was part of the Structured Metrics Metamodel 1.2 RTF (Revision Task Force)