Hawk Server provides easy and fast Indexing and Querying for several standards Models such as UML, BPMN and Archimate. It is an open-source scalable model indexing tool issued under the Eclipse Public License 2.0. It was developed at the Mondo research project for Model Driven Engineering (MDE) large complex systems. Hawk accepts repositories from several technologies such as Ecore, BPMN, Modelio and UML2.


MMT stands for Montimage Monitoring Tool. It is a network monitoring solution based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. MMT combines data capture, filtering and storage,  events extraction and statistics collection and  traffic analysis and reporting providing, network, application and user level visibility. Through its real-time and historical views, MMT facilitates network performance monitoring and operation troubleshooting.


EMIT is a management system of MQTT clients that aims at being a Internet-of-Things platform dedicated to MQTT. In fact, it allows users to manage IoT devices that exchange messages using the MQTT communication protocol. EMIT makes possible to define MQTT broker connection settings, to edit MQTT clients.


RIVER works at the binary code level. At test time, it reads x86 instructions starting from the user’s application entry point and performs dynamic instrumentation similarly to software running inside a virtual machine. One of its biggest advantage against similar tools, is the forward and backward execution capabilities, i.e. it can restore the effects of a previously executed branch, increasing the performance of the tool.